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Susan is a winning ultra-endurance runner and keynote speaker who uses the strength and extraordinary experience built from running distances as far as 100 miles over mountainous terrain to inspire others.  Over 11 years of racing ultramarathons, she has learned life lessons and profound truths that can help individuals and businesses achieve their own 100-mile finishes.  Her mission is to move you beyond limitations to reach your dreams and fully experience your potential.

Susan competes in endurance events that span 30, 50 and even 100 miles.  During her successful endurance sport career she has

  • Finished 75 ultras, including 25 100-mile race
  • Won trail races at the 50K, 50 mile, and 100 mile distances
  • Become a 3-time winner of the difficult Superior Sawtooth 100
  • Completed both the Massanutten Mountain 100-mile race and the Superior Sawtooth 100-mile race more times any other woman

As a full-time manager with a real life besides, Susan understands how the powerful insights from this extreme sport apply to the business and personal situations we face everyday.  Your challenges are the same ones she faces in every ultramarathon: searching for meaning, facing fear, setting smart goals, taking risks, accepting responsibility for success, finding a positive attitude in difficult times, overcoming obstacles, sustaining motivation, and taking that leap of faith.

Susan has succeeded at an unimaginably demanding sport and can help you and your organization finish your own 100-mile race.

One Response to “Welcome”

  1. Susan Donnelly says:

    I wanted to say Hi to another Susan Donnelly. I love to run as well. I just don’t run as far as you do. I run with my Boxer Roxy.

    Best Wishes!

    Susan Donnelly
    KC MO

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