February 2009 Archive

Running to Work

You’d think the traffic would be worse at lunchtime on a warm (but drizzly) Friday afternoon than at 7:00 am in the morning, but apparently not.  Traffic was light and an amazing number of drivers (including a semi!) actually moved over for me on the sections where I have to run on the shoulder of […]

One warm evening…finally

By the time I got home to run tonight it was dark, as usual.  Very winter.  Ugh, it’s been a long, dark winter.  Still, the temp tonight was supposedly 60F and a warm wind is definitely blowing.  Love a wind at night!  The 8 miles was so relaxing that I almost melted into sleep before […]

What I Want To Run

Running, my motivation anyway, has evolved over the years. I’ll always love running – no question, I can’t help it – but sometimes I wonder why and what (if anything) I want to accomplish. Seems like everything in life has to have a purpose these days, doesn’t it? Anyway, I sat down a few years […]

Run at Haw

I met good friends tonight for a 7-mile run at Haw Ridge.  49 degrees, more sunny than cloudy, the lake as smoothing out to glass as the sun set.  I’ve been running with this group for two years now, every Tuesday at Haw.   For me, the appointment is carved in stone.  I plan everything […]

Another Shiny New Year

I finished the last run of the old year feeling not much different than I remember feeling at 25. Or is that 35?  It really doesn’t matter.  Birthdays must be like races – it’s not about the number, it’s about how much you’re enjoying life. The years keep getting better and this one’s going to […]