June 2009 Archive

Don’t Postpone Your Dreams – Scotland and the West Highland Way

    People, don’t postpone your dreams and don’t put them in the “too hard” pile! From the last post, you might know I’ve been in Scotland for the West Highland Way 95-mile race. What you might not know is that Scotland and the race are two things I’ve dreamed about seeing and doing as […]

Tomorrow – The West Highland Way!

I’m nervous. Tomorrow morning at 1:00 a.m. Rob and I start the 95-mile West Highland Way here in Scotland. It’s shorter than the other 32 100s I’ve finished. It’s less cumulative climb than Massanutten. We have only about 5.5 hours of dark here in the north. And I’ve run a 110-mile race losing two nights […]

One Reason to Love Summer

    If you’re struggling in vain to adapt to the heat, here’s a reminder of the long, cold winter we had in the South.   Now, go outside, soak up some Vitamin D, run around on some bright green grass, and revel in wearing less than five layers for a while. Before it’s time to […]

Chattooga 50k Race Report – Late AGAIN!

  What can I say?  I followed the maps Rob had painstakingly printed and we still went the long way ’round and got there late.  You know that nightmare where you miss the start of the race?  We’re now two for two at that. 15 minutes late to the Chattooga 50k.  On the bright side, […]

Kudos To Black Diamond

  When the worst of the two thunderstorms at Massanutten this year, I was a few yards past the view on Byrd Knob and hurrying as fast as I possibly could to descend in the hail and rain. I immediately untied my jacket from around my waist and struggled to get it on in the […]

SweetH2O 50k Race Report

I’m blessed at this point in my life to have so many incredible friends, and I was doubly blessed this weekend to have so many of them from so many different places together at one race. You wouldn’t think SweetH2O 50k, in Sweetwater Park outside Atlanta, Georgia, would be challenging.  I mean, it’s not mountainous […]