August 2009 Archive

Waiting To Start Mont Blanc

Just a few hours and Rob and I will start the North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc here in Chamonix, France. I’m nervous. Maybe you never get over that in big races and this one is extraordinarily big – 2300 runners in the 166k race alone! As our friend Mark Barnes aptly noted yesterday, […]

Teaching an Upcoming Class on Ultras – Sign Up!

This is a quick post to get the word out that I’m teaching a class on (what else?) ultramarathons (Take Running to the Next Level -An Introduction to Ultramarathons).  It’s a half-day, non-credit course offered through the University of Tennessee on October 17.  It’s another way to give back to the running community! Here’s a […]

Javelina Jundred 100

Javelina Jundred 100 Fountain Hills, AZ October 31, 2009

Why On Earth Am I Directing A Race?

. Though I’ve never aspired to, I’m finally directing a race.  A good one.  And most importantly, a new one.  The Cumberland Trail 50k. It’s a lot of work.  I’ve sympathized with race directors over the years but never truly felt their pain until I started walking in their mocassins.  Case in point: I’m working […]

Howl at the Moon 8-Hr Race

No, I haven’t totally gone to the Dark Side.  There were good reasons to run another timed race: I love the name of the race The race means a lot to Rob and I wanted to bring all his stories to life It helps me achieve another upcoming ultra goal And the defining factor – […]

An Introduction to Ultramarathons (Course!)

An Introduction to Ultramarathons (University of Tennessee Non-Credit Programs) Knoxville, TN October 17, 2009

Stumpjump 50k (DNS due to schedule conflict)

Stumpjump 50k  (DNS due to schedule conflict) Chattanooga, TN October 4, 2009

Cumberland Trail 50k (Race Director!)

Cumberland Trail 50k Caryville, TN October 10, 2009

Three New Miracles for My Running Kit

Gold Bond I grew up watching the hokey commercials for Gold Bond on TV and wrote it off a hoax.  “Why,” I thought, “would you buy dust to put on perfectly clean skin?”  It made no sense. At least until Massanutten this year.  What I failed to mention in my race report was that after […]

Hot to Trot 8-Hr Race

In all the years I’ve been running ultras, I’ve avoided timed runs like the plague.  They seem like the worse form of mental torture – confining something you love to do in a tight little box.  Running a loop for 8-hours just to see how many miles you can squeeze out of your body.  The […]