December 2009 Archive

GUTS Atlanta Fat Ass

Atlanta, GA January 3, 2010

Looking Back

Let me start by saying I am physically incapable of keeping a running log but am genetically predisposed to making lists.  One of my favorite mementos of my grandmother is a list she made of songs (to buy? to remember? or satisfy the need to make a list?). I remember lists appearing here and there […]

The Shortest Day

Today was a “big” day – the shortest day of the year.  Or to be more exact, the one with the least amount of daylight.  Because I spend so much time outside, it always feels like the start of the new year, the real change instead of the calendar change.  Out running in the Arizona […]

West Highland Way Race (95 Miles)

Milngavie to Ft. William, Scotland June 19, 2010

Miwok 100k

Marin Headlands, CA May 1, 2010

Pine Mountain 40 Mile – Taking the Long View

Since I’m headed to see my parents over the holidays, this was the last race I could schedule into the year.  I’ve never run it and have been looking forward to it.  Rob last ran the race in 1993 when he says it took everything he had to finish.  He remembers it being really tough. […]

When the Weather Outside is Frightful

With the cold, the weather, and especially the darkness, it can be hard in the winter to step out that door for a run.  But it’s not all bad.  There are plenty of unique things to enjoy about the season, things not to be missed while they’re here.  The next time you’re dreading your run […]