February 2010 Archive

Someone Who Inspires Me

Ultrarunner…college basketball player…mountain climber…pediatric nurse volunteering her time in the West Bank and Haiti…cancer survivor… It’s impossible to wrap anyone up in a tidy list of labels, much less a person living life this full and with this much courage.  Read this article on UTLadyVols.com to see why my friend Liza inspires me!

The Winter Blahs

This winter is remarkably cold, remarkably snowy and lately – oppressively dark and gloomy. With a string of warm winters here in east Tennessee, this one’s been hard to accept, much less cope with.  The bravado of December evaporated immediately after New Year’s.  The last threads cold weather denial unravelled when the calendar flipped to […]

Louisville Lovin’ the Hills 50k – BRR!

Race morning.  First thing, Rob walks over to the hotel window, peers outside, and laughs.  Uh-oh. Sure enough, there’s at least two inches of snow on the cars and the hotel flags are horizontal in the wind.  Which among other things probably means the rest of the forecast will be right – highs around 30 […]

Snow Day

It snowed in grand style this weekend, at least what’s considered “grand” for my part of Tennessee.  We just don’t get snow much anymore so it’s hard to resist running out to play in it. There weren’t many incentives to drive anywhere in what surely must be a traffic nightmare and since my one-in-a-million local […]

Maggie, Elsa, and What They Taught Me Three Years Ago

Love is our true destiny.  We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another. ~ Thomas Merton Three years ago, I was signed up for Mt. Mist 50k but didn’t start.  In fact, I didn’t even drive to Huntsville.  I was here at home and the decision […]