March 2010 Archive

LOST 118 (Yes, 118 Miles)

“Where are you going this time?” “Lake Okeechobee, in Florida.” (Blank look) “You know, when you look at a map of Florida, there’s a huge blue circle in the middle?” That’s Lake Okeechobee.” (Blank look) “I’m running around that circle…it’s 118 miles,” (helpfully drawing a circle in the air) (Confused look) “My sister works on […]

Getting Hit

First of all, I’m fine, it (thankfully) wasn’t a big impact.  But as uber-careful as I am, it caught me completely off guard. Here’s the story.  I run to work a couple of times a week as a dependable way to shoehorn a run into my day (who actually wants to sleep at the office?), […]