April 2010 Archive

Zumbro Falls 100 – Guardian Angels

April 9, 2010:  Zumbro Bottoms State Forest Recreation Area We flew into Madison, Wisconsin, this year and as the plane descended through a thick layer of clouds, the city slowly materialized in view through snow flying by the window.  Snow – oh no!  The roofs below were white with it and of course we didn’t […]

Oak Mountain 50k – It Gets Better

March 20, 2010.  Birmingham, Alabama… What Is It About This Race??? Okay. Last year, two hours into a four and a half hour drive, my trusty Subaru blew a hose in Chattanooga and I waited hours to get it towed back home (thank goodness for AAA!).  En route, the tow truck driver dropped me off […]

3 Days of Syllamo and the Lost Runner

As we were driving toward the campground the night before the race, the sign on a church outside Batesville, Arkansas, preached “You can’t walk with the Lord and run with the Devil.” Yikes!  Was this meant for ultrarunners??? What’s A Stage Race? A stage race is a set of races over several consecutive days.  At […]