November 2010 Archive

Javelina 100 – Running in Disguise

October 23-24, 2010 It’s a tight turnaround but the weekend after directing the Cumberland Trail 50k, Rob and I fly out to Phoenix to run Javelina 100.  This is a pretty fun race and a nice change of scenery but the main reason for running it is to see my parents and share what I […]

Peanut Island 24-Hr Run

Palm Beach County, FL December 31, 2011

Cumberland Trail 50k – Director’s Cut

October 15, 2010 When you’re putting a lot of effort (and missing a lot of runs) into a project like a race, you inevitably ask yourself many times along the way why you’re doing it.  This year, I got tired of reminding myself of the answer and wrote it down: Give runners a remote, wild […]

Avalon 50 Mile

Avalon, CA January 15, 2011