January 2011 Archive

Avalon Benefit 50 Mile – Get Happy

January 15, 2011 I didn’t feel like I should be going.  I’d just been to Arizona and Florida and this seemed, well…more sinfully extravagant than I deserved.  Kind of like playing hooky.  I mean, California?  For the weekend??? I got the plane ticket but still couldn’t picture myself there – something was going to happen […]

Atlanta Fat Ass 50k – Risking Snowmaggedon

January 9, 2010 This run would normally be routine.  I’ve run it a couple of times before and like any good Fat Ass race, this one’s low key and fun – really more of a way to get some miles in together than anything else.  No big deal. But two things were notably different this […]

Peanut Island 24-Hour

December 31, 2010 – January 1, 2011 It all started with an itch to try some new events.  I was scanning the Ultrarunning Magazine calendar for interesting races I’ve never run, and bingo!  There was one listed on New Year’s weekend, right where my sister Karen lives.  About a month earlier, Nikki Seger had e-mailed […]

Miwok 100k

Marin Headlands, CA May 7, 2011 http://www.run100s.com/miwok/

Zumbro 100

Zumbro Bottoms State Forest Recreation Area, Wabasha, MN April 8, 2011 http://www.zumbro100.com/

Oak Mountain 50k

Birmingham, AL March 19, 2011 http://webpages.charter.net/jnparker/om50.html

Time Off in Arizona

For me, the winter holiday season is one of the best times for me to relax and recharge.  There aren’t many races and best of all, there are enough holidays on the work schedule that I can manage a week plus away. So I spent the time exactly where I wanted to – with my […]

Atlanta FA 50k

Kennesaw, Georgia January 9, 2011 http://www.getguts.com/events.shtml

Massanutten 100

Woodstock, VA May 14, 2011 http://www.vhtrc.org/mmt/

Louisville’s Lovin’ the Hills 50k

Louisville, KY February 12, 2011 http://www.llth50.blogspot.com/