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Susan is an ultradistance runner who competes in endurance events that span 30, 50 and even 100 miles.  She has been a successful endurance sport athlete for 11 years:

  • Completed over 120 ultras, including 40 100-mile races
  • Won trail races at the 50K, 50 mile, and 100 mile distances
  • 3-time winner of the difficult Superior Sawtooth 100
  • Completed both the Massanutten Mountain 100-mile race and the Superior Sawtooth 100-mile race more times any other woman
  • Featured on the cover of Ultrarunning magazine and in TrailRunner magazine
  • Article in Women’s Health and Fitness magazine
  • Knoxville News Sentinel and Oak Ridger coverage

Along the way to her extraordinary achievements, she gathered lessons and reached profound truths that can help others:

  • Move beyond limitations and reach your dreams
  • Full experience in life
  • Seek a full connection to the universe


Susan first read about a 100-mile ultramarathon in 1981.  Years later, she noticed a listing for a nearby 50-mile race and decided to pursue her dream.  After months of training, a life-threatening appendix rupture requiring two surgeries mothballed the dream.

Another year passed before a chance conversation with another ultrarunner reawakened the dream for good.  She completed her first ultramarathon a few months later and never looked back.

When not racing, she is a full-time engineer who balances a passion for time outdoors with the demands of daily life.

For Susan, trail running also evolved into a path for spiritual growth.  Inner strength forged from facing insurmountable challenges, and peace born from the renewing power of nature, have shaped her perspective.

She has gained a certainty in our connection to each other and all life, and an unshakeable faith that our lives have purpose beyond everyday existence.  One of her primary goals is to motivate others to find this affirming connection.

As A Speaker

Susan draws unique analogies between her ultrarunning experiences and the challenges we face both personally and professionally.  She has combined her adventures and photographs into one-of-a-kind presentations that educate, inspire, and motivate.

Her real-life insight comes from both failures and successes.  Susan is a warm and engaging speaker with a talent for connecting to the audience.  Her enthusiastic presentations have a wide appeal to audiences of all sizes and variety of needs including club, sports, youth, business, and community groups.