Miwok 100k

Marin Headlands, CA May 7, 2011

Running all day and all night

How far do you think you can run? Five miles? Ten miles? Maybe even a marathon? Imagine running 100 miles straight. No sleeping. No music. That is an ultramarathon. Oak Ridge’s Susan Donnelly has run 26 of them. “It’s an incredible sense of affirmation,” Donnelly says. “You generally start early Saturday morning, you run all […]

A glimpse into the life of an ultra marathoner

It was midnight just outside of Lynchburg, Virginia near the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The temperature was in the teens and the wind was howling.  The full moon allowed the runners a natural light as they were able to start the Hellgate 100k without their head lamps.  This 62 mile race is the 79th ultra marathon […]